Boarding School Islam In Indonesia

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Boarding School Islam In Indonesia
Prior to 1960, the centers of pesantren in Java and Madura is known by the name of the cottage. "Term" is probably derived from an understanding of the dormitories of the students referred to the so-called cottage or shelter made of bamboo, or perhaps derived from the Arabic word meaning fundug hotel or hostel. While boarding students originated from the word, that the prefix and suffix pe in front means an abode of the students. According to professor in Johns In'am Sulaiman, a term derived from the Tamil students, which means teacher, while CC Berg argues that the term comes from the term shatri students in India means that the person knows the sacred books of Hinduism, or a scholar of the Book Hindu scriptures. Shatri word comes from the word meaning Shatra sacred books, religious books Islam or books about science.

students have the broad and narrow sense. In a narrow sense, is a student or students of religious schools or pesantren called cottage. Boarding school students drawn from the word meaning a place for students, and in the broad sense is part of students or the general population who converted to Islam in Java really, pray, go to the mosque and other activitie.

Then, the forum grouping boarding schools Islam in two categories, namely Shari'ah and Islamic boarding the Order (the congregation). Boarding school to pursue the field of learning shariah Islamic law, although it also includes mystical inspiration, search for chastity myself boarding tharikat bathiniah through Sufism, although still based on the mastery of the Shari'ah are variants, boarding devices, boarding the book, the Koran and Islamic schools.one opinion :  grouped in two types of pesantren modern schools and traditional schools / salaf. So, said schools in the context of its meaning here is more synonymous with a place stadying for Islamic sciences, which has its own characteristics.

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