Work Motivation And Simple Life In Islam

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Work Motivation And Simple Life In Islam
In daily life humans can not escape from the necessities of life, to meet the needs of people must work through each of his profession. For Muslims, the Prophet has explained some of the issues related to these issues, among others, MOTIVATION WORK. In Islam workand strive to meet the needs of families and devote themselves to worship God is a very noble deed.
One history at the time of the apostles, when the Apostle and his companions were sitting with a young man who Gone to leave early for WORK, my friend said: Too bad this young man, if he took advantage of youth and strength to God, it would be better, hear the word The apostle admonished his friend with his saying, "You do not say that, because if the young man out of work for the sake of her children are still small, so he was in the way of Allah, when he was out working for his pride, he was also in the way of Allah ".

It is clear to Muslims that the Prophet is to motivatethe work, the apostle ordered his people to work harder, but certainly in a good way and with a good goal too. Islam provides guidance on how to properly manage his property, not extravagant, but not stingy as well as the property rights of Muslims are poor. In addition to an obligation to meet the needs of a Muslim family is also required to help the poor, helping those in need, and spend their wealth in the way of Allah.

Apostles motivate Muslims and Using the property with the wasteful and excessive overage should be avoided because it is not good deeds. But the nature of the stingy and miserly also banned in Islam banned by God because it will bring hatred and society.

From this explanation we can conclude several points, among others:
•  work for the sake of self-esteem and to meet the needs of the family is an act that allow the   Apostle and Allah.
• In managing the assets, Muslims are instructed to help the poor, who need help.
• Muslims are recommended to avoid wasteful and excessive overage
• Muslims are not allowed to be a stingy and miserly.

From these conclusions we can draw a point that is human in their daily lives are not allowed to apply extravagant but not too tight, meaning SIMPLE LIFE.

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