Education school Islam/lombok

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Education school Islam/lombok

Boarding consists of five main elements, namely: Kyai, students, mosque, cottage, and the teaching of the yellow book or books on classical Islam. The fifth element is a special feature that owned the boarding school and that differentiates it from other educational institutions. These elements support each other despite the existence of a boarding school, but Kyai plays such an important role in the world of boarding schools Islam.
a.       Kyai (Master Teacher)
Kyai term (in Java), which developed among the Islamic community of Sasak Lombok familiar with the title Master Teacher. Mr. Guru is the religious leaders who are masters regarded the teachings of Islam in its various aspects. The master teacher is a compound word consisting of two syllables master "and" teacher ". Mr. Sasak the etymology (the tribe on the island of Lombok) which means the person who has undertaken pilgrimage to the House (Makkah al-Mukarromah), and mean people who teach teachers. In the terminology of Sasak, Tuan Guru is a group of people who are experts in the field of religion (Islam) who teach and guide the congregation or students in an institution (council) at the school or boarding school formal or non-formal institutions such as mosques, mosque, mosque, or pesantren. Tuan Guru's existence as a leader and pillar of stability in the island of Lombok development plays a significant role. They are known for their contribution and involvement is very intensive in the development of propaganda and power politics game (before and after independence).The presence of a Master Teacher in the heart like a boarding school environment for human life. Tuan Guru intensity showed an authoritarian role because Tuan Guru was the pioneer, the founder, manager, caregiver, leader, even a sole proprietor of a boarding school. Therefore Tuan Guru persona over many schools eventually broke up because if Tuan Guru's death left her. While Tuan Guru has no descendants to continue his efforts. As one of the dominant element in the life of a boarding school, Tuan Guru set the rhythm of development and continuity of the life of a boarding school with the skills, depth of knowledge, charismatic, and skills.So it is not uncommon schools do not have a neat educational management. Everything lies in the wisdom and decision of Master Teacher. Tuan Guru can also be regarded as non-formal character of utterance and behavior will be emulated by all the surrounding communities. Tuan Guru serves as a figure model or set a good example (uswah hasanah) not only for santrinya but also for the whole community around the schools. Nevertheless Tuan Guru spent more time to educate the santrinya than other things.
b.   Mosque
The mosque is central to boarding school at an early stage because this is where all the action rests in boarding schools, whether in relation to religious activities, such as, congregational prayer, and prayer wird, etc.. In addition, the mosque is used as places of education students in the study of classical books. Furthermore, as the development of a growing number of students, the activities of lessons on the bench, specific places, and living-room for halaqah. Recent developments indicate the class room as there are in madrasah.the position of the mosque as a center for education in the pesantren tradition universalism is a manifestation of traditional Islamic education system. In other words, the continuity of the Islamic education system centered on the mosque, since al-Quba mosque was founded near Medina in the Prophet Muhammad., Remained scattered in the boarding school system. Since the time of the Prophet Mosque has become a center of Islamic education. Muslims wherever they are always using the mosque as a place of the first center of education, administration and consultation activities.
A Master Teacher who wants to develop an Islamic boarding school usually will first establish a mosque near his home. The mosque is what will be used by teachers to teach Mr. santri. From here the students are familiar with procedures for the obligation to pray five times, gaining knowledge of other religions and religious obligations.
In the perspective of the history of Islam mosque is not only a means of educational activities, more than that the mosque is also a center for all activities of the Prophet Muhammad in interacting with people. The mosque is also said to be an important institution of Islamic society. In view of Nurcholis Madjid, the mosque is the main capital of the Prophet when striving to create a civilized society . Civilized society that is in terms Nurcholis Madjid is now popularly known as civil society (Civil Society).
c. Students
Students as the third element of the culture of schools that are the subject of no less importance than the four other elements. Usually consists of two groups of students. First, students mukim is students coming from remote areas who lived in a boarding school. Second, students are students who bats from areas around the school and they usually do not stay at the seminary. They each came home after each lesson follows a pesantren. Usually the difference between big schools and small schools can be seen from the composition of students bats. The greater the pesantren, the greater the students. In other words, small schools will have more students than students kalongnya mukim by Tuan Guru mukim Santri pesantren leaders and other members, usually living in a separate environment. This is called a cottage. Here is teacher with santrinya live. The existence of the cottage as a place to stay with the students by teacher is very useful in order to work together to meet the needs of everyday life. This is a differentiator with other educational institutions. 

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