Key To Success

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Key To Success
patience to be one key to success with the romance of human life struggle to achieve success at this age is very complex because of the increasing number of barriers and obstacles to achieving such success, sometimes there is to achieve success with ease, but there also should strive to achieve success, but there also failed. Needs to know that to achieve success requires hard struggle both outward and inward with the accompanied with high patience in addition to the approach to God so patiently is one key to the success of someone. From the above problem let us try to examine the meaning and role of tolerance in dealing with various problems and failures in achieving success.
The word patience/ Sabar is derived from Arabic meaning shabru the Steadfast, hold, receive, force, oblige. So patience is the stoicism and receive all sorts of temptations that befall, refrain from emotional attitudes, hopelessness, which then will bring a man to be obedient to God's commands, and continue to strive and struggle, work hard to achieve success.

Patienceis not like that at all this time understand that some people accept what is all the trials and failures without seeking the cause of failure in achieving this success so that we can make changes and enhance efforts to achieve success. Why do humans have to be patient? Because, basically, human beings have the nature of the patient and meticulous kalu labih further implies earnestness Patience, Persistence, accuracy, and high morale.

From the description before we can conclude: First, the patient is very important and very big role in achieving success both this world and life success kehihidupan ahirat later. Second, patience is indeed hard to be done by human beings except those who always strive to do and people are always closer to Allah. Patience is one of the key person's success.
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